FAQs (D-link router)

  1. What to do if my D-link router is not performing properly?

This could be due to several reasons such as an outdated firmware or overheating of the firmware. You must ensure that your firmware is of the latest date, else update it. Also, try to reset your router and reboot it.

  1. How do I change the login password to my D-link DIR router?

You will have to login to the Web Menu of the d-link router using either mydlink login through app or mydlink.com web portal or using web address dlinkrouter.local as the login and access the admin password section in the tools.

  1. Can we update the D-link router firmware manually?

Yes, it is possible by downloading the firmware’s recent version through D-link support website.

  1. How can we enable remote access feature on the D-link router?

It is possible through dlinkrouter.local or mydlink login access to router’s setup page to toggle the switch for enabling remote access.

  1. How can we setup and install D-link router?

The setup wizard of the d-link router helps to install and perform D-link router setup. Setup wizard can be accessed through dlinkrouter.local from a web browser.

  1. What if during D-link router setup process, setup wizard can’t find my device?

You must have the latest setup wizard for your D-link router for proper S-link router setup.

Also, ensure that you have wired connections established between your D-link router to other devices manually.

  1. How to change the wireless channel on my D-link router?

You can change the wireless channel by accessing the wireless settings through dlinkrouter.local web address input in the browser to login to its Web GUI.  Configure the advanced settings to change the Wi-Fi channel.

  1. How do I log into my D-link wi-fi router?

You can log into all the D-link routers through web browser via dlinkrouter.local using default D-link router login credentials. If you have your D-link router registered with mydlink, login using mydlink with registered your email id through mydlink web portal or mydlink app.

  1. Can we remove or block unwanted users from the d-link router network?

Yes, it is possible through mydlink login to the web interface of route and blocking them under displayed connection list.

  1. What is the button located on the side of my D-link router used for?

This particular button is the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button to allow connection to a wireless network in quick way. With WPS D-link router setup, one can automatically configure a wireless network using a network name (SSID) and the WPA security key as well as authentication.

11. How can I find my D Link router password?

To find your dlink router password, you have to enter the Dlink router’sweb management page. This can be done by dlink router login using dlinkrouter.local LAN address or the dlink router ip.  As the dlink router login takes you to the web interface, go to Wireless Security menu and look for the Pre-Shared Key option. This is where you will see your password displayed.

 12. Why can’t I log into my DLink router?

You will have to check if you’re making use of the correct dlink router IP address to dlink router login. Otherwise, check if the Ethernet cable connection is at the correct port (use standard port 80). More often, the wireless settings might not be configured correctly during the dllink router setup which also causes wireless access to the dlink router admin interface to be disabled.

13. What is the password for DLink wifi router?

The dlink router default password field should be left blank. You are required to enter the password when you are trying to log into the dlink router’s web based interface. At the login via dlinkrouter.local or dlink login IP address, enter admin as the username and admin and nothing in the password field.  In case you do not remember or have forgotten this password, you will have no choice but dlink password reset by resetting the dlink router to its factory defaults.

14. How could I know if my DLink router is working?

T o check why your dlink router is not working or got disconnected try to Power Off your Modem for about 20 seconds and then powering it again. Once it has started, check the Network Status on your dlink wifi router once again. If the wireless network status changes to Connected, your internet connection on the router should be working.

15. Why is my D Link router not connecting to the Internet network?

Ensure your modem is properly connected to the WAN/Internet Port at the back of the D-Link Router. Access the WAN/Internet Section after dlinkrouter.local login to check the Cable Status which should state Connected status, but if its Disconnected, the dlink router is not detecting your modem for network connection.

16. How do I perform DLink router setup after reset?

Once your D-Link router is reset, it is then using the default settings for the wireless network configuration. If you are not able to configure your dlink router via dlink router login, you will have to perform dlink router setup. The dlink router setup requires dlink router.local login or dlink router ip login to access the dlink router setup wizard which automatically allows wireless network configuration to complete the dlink router setup using default settings.

17. How do I access my DLink router admin page?

Accessing the admin page needs you to login to the dlink router from a web browser and enter the IP address of the router into the address bar – default IP is, or you can use http://dlinkrouter.local web address.

When you are able to reach a D-Link login page, enter the dlink rouer default password and “admin” username. This will allow dlink router admin page to auto-launch.

18. How do I check my DLink router firmware?

Access the admin page of the dlink router through logging into the router via dlink router.local or IP on the address bar. As you reach he admin page, you can find the firmware version at the top right hand corner.

19. Why does my D Link keep disconnecting?

If the dlink router is not performing properly and is freezing or automatically rebooting and disconnecting, this could be because of various issues. The most crucial one is that your dlink router requires to be upgraded to a new firmware version as Firmware serves to be “brain” of the router and the new firmware versions fixes bugs.

20. How can I increase the speed of my Dlink router?

Changing the wireless channel helps with the speed of dlink wifi router. You will have to access Manual Wireless Network Setup after dlink router login to admin page and uncheck the Enable Auto Channel Scan box.  Change the Wireless Channel from the displayed list as this can allow the router to select channel of good speed. Sometimes your old model requires replacing the antenna to improve the speed.








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