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FAQs (D-link router)

  1. What to do if my D-link router is not performing properly?

This could be due to several reasons such as an outdated firmware or overheating of the firmware. You must ensure that your firmware is of the latest date, else update it. Also, try to reset your router and reboot it.

  1. How do I change the login password to my D-link DIR router?

You will have to login to the Web Menu of the d-link router using either mydlink login through app or web portal or using web address dlinkrouter.local as the login and access the admin password section in the tools.

  1. Can we update the D-link router firmware manually?

Yes, it is possible by downloading the firmware’s recent version through D-link support website.

  1. How can we enable remote access feature on the D-link router?

It is possible through dlinkrouter.local or mydlink login access to router’s setup page to toggle the switch for enabling remote access.

  1. How can we setup and install D-link router?

The setup wizard of the d-link router helps to install and perform D-link router setup. Setup wizard can be accessed through dlinkrouter.local from a web browser.

  1. What if during D-link router setup process, setup wizard can’t find my device?

You must have the latest setup wizard for your D-link router for proper S-link router setup.

Also, ensure that you have wired connections established between your D-link router to other devices manually.

  1. How to change the wireless channel on my D-link router?

You can change the wireless channel by accessing the wireless settings through dlinkrouter.local web address input in the browser to login to its Web GUI.  Configure the advanced settings to change the Wi-Fi channel.

  1. How do I log into my D-link wi-fi router?

You can log into all the D-link routers through web browser via dlinkrouter.local using default D-link router login credentials. If you have your D-link router registered with mydlink, login using mydlink with registered your email id through mydlink web portal or mydlink app.

  1. Can we remove or block unwanted users from the d-link router network?

Yes, it is possible through mydlink login to the web interface of route and blocking them under displayed connection list.

  1. What is the button located on the side of my D-link router used for?

This particular button is the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button to allow connection to a wireless network in quick way. With WPS D-link router setup, one can automatically configure a wireless network using a network name (SSID) and the WPA security key as well as authentication.






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