The dlinkrouter.local is the web address for the D-link router setup. You should open the web program and fill dlink router login or http dlinkrouter.local as an IP address in the address bar. You should fill the client name and secret word to get access to the D-link router login page. In the event that the login points of interest are right you will ready to design your D-link switch for proper settings. On the off chance that you have configured D-link switch, you will require default login web address of D-link switch for D-link switch design. Open web program and fill default web address http://dlinkrouter.local and enter login window is open on PC screen. Fill all the login data and press login catch. The login page will open on screen. 

Dlinkrouter.local – FAQ SECTION

1. How one can change the factory password for a D-link Router?

dlinkrouter.local, For security reasons, it is recommended to change the factory password. Default: Login admin, password admin. The courier-adjusters must change the password to the Serial Number specified on the box (S / N) in the settings. When migrating, it is recommended that you also use it as a password for the router as well as Wi-Fi S / N (serial number).

In the interface of the router, go to the System tab, the Administrator password menu. Enter password in the Password field (New Password), enter the new password. In the Confirm password you need to repeat new password.

2.How to set up Wi-Fi on the D-link Router?

dlinkrouter.local , The router interface, you must go to the tab Wi-Fi access, the menu basic settings (Basic settings).

  1. Firstly, SSID the name of your wireless network.
  2. Secondly, In the Wi-Fi tab, select the security settings
  3. In the drop-down menu from the Network Authentication (the Network the Authentication):
  4. Choose WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK mixed – it is the safest way to protect your wireless network.
  5. In the field the encryption key is PSK.
  6. You must enter any set of digits, from 8 to 63 in length. You should also remember them so that you can specify them when you connect to the network. It is recommended to use the serial number of the device.
  7. Click on the “Edit” button to apply and save the settings.

3.Please guide me in configuring PPTP (VPN) when automatically obtain a local IP address (DHCP)?

  1. Connection Type: the PPTP (the PPTP and L2TP – tunneling protocols such as Point-to-point, allowing a computer to establish a secure connection to the server by creating a special tunnel standard, unprotected network.)
  2. The PPP username: Your login from the contract
  3. Password: Your password from the contract
  4. Confirm password (Confirm password): password repeat
  5. Name service: – the IP / ISP server name.
  6. MTU value is 1372
  7. Authentication algorithm: Auto
  8. Save the settings with the button (Save) by pressing the Reload button to restart the router setup. 

4.I am not able to save the changes that I made to my D-link router setting?

dlinkrouter.local , After making the settings, it is recommended to save them so that in case of problems, you can restore them. To do this, go to the System tab, the configuration menu.

  1. Firstly, Select to save the current configuration, to save the current settings of the router. the settings file will be saved to the specified location on the hard disk.
  2. Secondly, To restore the settings from the file, you must click and select Load previously saved configuration in devices, specify the path to the settings file, then click the button.

5.How to configure firewall for Internet routers of the D-link series?

dlinkrouter.local , To configure the firewall rules, you must first configure the connection to the Internet router over the local network, connect to the Internet browser using the IP address of the Internet router, enter the name and password to enter the settings page (according to the documentation attached to it). After that go to the tab Advanced -> Firewall.

6.Before configuration of a router, is it important to get the authorization first?

Yes, it is essential to get authorization first before configuring the router setup.

  1. Firstly, To do this, open your Internet browser as well as type in the address line In the column, type admin, leave the field empty (provided that the router has factory settings and its IP has not changed).
  2. For your safety, we recommend that you change the factory password. To do this, go to the tab, the menu in the router interface. Then in the field enter a new password. In the field, repeat the new password. Repeat the same operation with the user’s password. Then click . After that, the router will prompt you to re-enter its settings.

7.How to configure the Internet connection in router mode?

  1. Firstly, To configure the connection – in the router dialog box, press the button.
  2. Secondly, To configure PPPoE when you automatically obtain a local IP address (DHCP), you need to do the following: In the line, select < PPPoE (Dual Access)>.
  3. In the line enter your login from the Agreement.
  4. enter your password from the Agreement.
  5. In the line, repeat the password. Check that the check boxes on Dynamic IP and Always on are checked.
  6. In the line, enter a value
  7. Save the settings with the button on the top menu page and wait for or the router to reboot.

8.When is it worth to reflash the router?

It is highly recommended to update the firmware of the router in the following cases:

  1. Firstly, Frequent problems with access to the Internet;
  2. Secondly, Hang up and restart the router;
  3. Unstable operation of a wireless Wi-Fi network: gaps, loss of signal, etc.;
  4. Problems with the work of Interactive Television IPTV.

9.How to flash a modem or a router through a computer?

So, you downloaded the updated program for the device from the manufacturer’s website. Now it is desirable to register the IP address on the computer (for D-Link router setup).

  • This is done in case the DHCP server is disabled by default after updating the software on the router. After that go to the web interface and look for the section “Advanced settings”, “System” or “Administration”. As it should be, or sub menu tab Firmware Update or the Update Firmware:
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Browse” button as well as select the file with Firmware on the computer or laptop. After that, we press the “Send” or “Update” button and wait for the successful completion of the modem firmware or the router through the computer or laptop. After that, the browser should display the web interface again.

10.How to enter the router settings through the domain name?

Now a number of manufacturers of network equipment have already moved away from specifying IP on the device case. Now the domain name is indicated there.

This option is really more convenient for an ordinary, unprepared user. Even if the IP configuration of the router in the local network has been changed, it does not matter. In order to enter the settings of the router, you just need to open the browser and register the domain name that appears on the sticker.

11.How to put the password on the Wi-Fi router setup?

dlinkrouter.local , Technically, the principle of actions to deliver or change the passphrase of a wireless Wi-Fi network is the same for different Wi-Fi devices. The idea is to go into the wireless network settings – Wireless or Wi-Fi, as well as there, on the separate tab or the Security section, select the appropriate options.

12.What is the default IP address for D-link router?

The default IP address of D-Link routers setup is The address of the web interface of the router:, the login for access: admin. The default secretword is either an admin or an empty string.

13.How to connect D-Link Wi-Fi router setup with the help of an Ethernet cable?

The first time, even if you are going to use only Wi-Fi, you need to connect using an Ethernet cable: open the box and remove the router, power supply and the bundled wire; Connect the power supply to the device, plug the unit into the outlet; the wire from your ISP needs to be connected to the Internet socket, the wire that came with it, to one of the LAN slots and to your computer or laptop.

dlinkrouter local

14.Please guide us how to download and install a latest firmware for our router?

For installation:-

  •  Firstly, Download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website; enter the web-interface of the router, select “System” -> “Software update”. In order for System to be visible, you must enable Advanced Settings;
  • Secondly, Click the “Browse” button and select the previously downloaded file. After clicking on “Update”, the device will be flashed. Upon completion, you will need to reset the device to its factory settings.

15.What to do if in case I found an incorrect router setting or forgot the username or password?

If you have incorrect settings, or if you forget the password or administrator login, you can reset the device to factory settings. It can be done manually.


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