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How to setup D-link router

D-link router setup and installation

To begin D-link router setup and installing it for the first time, then smart setup Wizard helps you get through quick setting up of the router. It requires accessing the setup wizard through D-link router login involving dlinkrouter.local web address for login. This internet connection setup wizard is designed to guide the D-link router users through a step-by-step onscreen process to configure your new D-Link router and connect to the Internet.

Install the D-link router using the steps given here:

  • Stop the Power to your Cable/DSL Internet Modem by detaching the power adapter or turning it off.
  • Connect your computer or other wifi device to your D-link router model of yours.
  • Establish the connection by making use of an Ethernet cable attaching it to any of the 4 LAN ports of the D-link router.
  • Next, attach your already in use Cable/DSL modem to the Yellow Internet Port of the D-link router.
  • Apply power to both the D-link router as well as your Internet Cable/DSL Modem being used.
  • Perform D-link router login steps from an Internet browser.
  • Log in by inputting dlinkrouter.local web address in browser’s address bar or IP into the address bar.
  • While first time log into the D-link router using dlinkrouter.local, you are directed to the Setup Wizard screen.
  • Get through D-link router setup wizard screen on screen D-link router setup process as given.
  • You will be asked to select your Language of choice to begin D-link router setup and D-link router login.
  • Hit the Start option

D-link router setup wizard steps – D-link router configuration

  • Setup wizard takes you through configuring of your internet connection as the first step.
  • Select the Manual Configuration as the option.
  • Select your wireless Internet Connection type, which is either Dynamic or PPPoE
  • Next, configure your D-link router Wifi security by creating a Wireless Network Name and Password.
  • Allow securing your D-link router wireless network with WPA/WPA encryption for more safety.
  • Set your D-link router login/ administrator password for logging into the D-link router web GUI.
  • Choose your Time Zone where the router is set to function.
  • The D-link router setup proceeds with applying the new settings and reboots.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the D-link router login credentials in the displayed routers Login Screen
  • Key in the login username: admin which is set by default.
  • Also, key in the login password you created above for D-link router login to web GUI.
  • A screen will display to confirm wireless network settings.
  • This completes the D-link router setup and installation which prompts for mydlink account setup and configuration.

For mydlink setup, create a new mydlink account for your D-link router model else, use an existing mydlink account, if you already registered it and enter your mydlink login details which doesn’t require dlinkrouter.local login.


What to do if the setup wizard can’t find D-link router?

  • Check that you are using the latest D-link router setup wizard for your model.
  • The computer from which you are trying D-link router setup as well as D-link router login using dlinkrouter.local must be on the same network and subnet.
  • If your D-link router is affixed wirelessly, it is better to make use of a wired connection for the initial D-link router setup of your device.
  • During the Dlink router setup process, turn off the antivirus and firewall protection and turn on your antivirus or firewall software once the setup wizard finishes D-link router setup.

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