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D-Link is one of the most refined brands in manufacturing the latest networking devices (wireless/wired). D-link deals in the production of the networking devices like the wireless routers, modems, range repeaters, access switch points, and Ethernet cords etc. We need to configure the D-Link router prior to its use in the network data transmission.

The routers need to be connected to the computer system before the user can proceed for the configuration. The configuration can only be done if the router, modem and the computer are interconnected safely and securely. This prior connection of router/modem to the computer system provides limited internet connectivity for the configuration and setup of the device.

D-Link AC3200 Wi-Fi router setup

D-Link AC3200
Connecting the router to the computer system
The D-Link wireless router can be connected to the computer system through one of the following methods mentioned below.

  • WPS mode of connection
  • Connection through the Ethernet cable
  • Connection over the Wi-Fi

WPS mode

The WPS mode of connection stands for the Wi-Fi protected setup. The WPS mode of connection is the fastest wireless connection method. However, it is important to note that the WPS connection is compatible only with the wireless routers that support the latest security protocols/keys i.e. WPA/WPSK or WPA 2 security keys.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to connect the router to the computer system.

  • Connect your D-Link wireless router to the power outlet safely and switch on the power supply.
  • Wait for few seconds till the WLAN/Internet indicator light gets stable green.
  • Now, open the Internet and network section of your PC and select the WPS mode of connection.
  • Simultaneously, press the WPS button of your router and within a fraction of second your router will get connected to your computer.
  • The WPS light on the indicator panel will light up and get solid green indicating the wireless WPS connection between the router and the PC.

Important- Make sure to press the WPS button within 2 minutes of time and if you delay in pushing the WPS button of your router, the connection between the devices will be denied. Therefore, act swiftly and press the WPS button in the stipulated time.

Ethernet cable connection (LAN cable RJ45)

The Ethernet cable connection refers to the wired connection established with the help of the LAN cables (RJ45). The Ethernet cable connection is the most stable and reliable mode of connecting your router to the computer system. As this connection is wired, therefore there are nil chances of getting a drop in between the devices.

  • Connect the modem to the WAN/internet port of the router through the LAN cable.
  • Again connect the computer system to one of the several LAN ports available on the router.
  • Thus establishing a secure and stable interconnection between all the three devices i.e. computer, modem, and the router.
  • Now, switch on the power supply of the modem and the router and you have to wait for few seconds or a minute till the router/modem gets stable.

You are now ready to access the D-Link router admin page for its configuration. You can access the router admin page through either of the two methods i.e. http://dlinkrouter.local or through the default IP address of the router

Connection over the Wi-Fi (D-Link router)

This method of connecting the router and the computer system is the most widely used method. The wireless connection has some good benefits over the other methods as it doesn’t involve any wires or other hardware.

Below is the instruction set for setting up the connection over the system Wi-Fi

  • Just connect the modem and router with each other either through the WPS or through eth Ethernet cables.
  • Now, switch on their power supply and wait for them to get stable till the WLAN (Wi-Fi) light get stable.
  • Now, open the Wi-Fi section of your PC in the bottom right part of the PC and select the D-Link wireless network that you want to get connected to.
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